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This privacy policy does not apply to services provided by third parties, and this site has no control over their cookies, entirely managed by third parties, and has no access to the information collected through these cookies. As a consequence of this the information on the use of third-party cookies, on the purposes of the same, as well as on how to disable, are provided directly by third parties to the pages indicated below. Generally the tracking of users does not imply identification of the same, unless the User is already registered for the service and is not already logged in, in which case it means that the User has already expressed his consent directly to the third party at the time of subscription to the relevant service (eg Facebook). In particular, this site uses cookies from the following third parties.

Google Analytics:
web analysis tool used in order to allow us to examine the use of the site by users, compile reports on website activity and user behavior, check how often users visit the site, how the site is tracked and which pages they are visited more frequently. The information is combined by Google with information collected from other sites in order to create a comparative picture of the use of the site compared to other sites of the same category. Data collected: browser identification, date and time of interaction with the site, page of origin, IP. Place of data processing: USA. The data collected do not allow personal identification of users, and are not intersected with other information relating to the same person. They are treated in an aggregate and anonymised form (truncated to the last octet). Under a specific agreement, Google Inc. is prohibited from crossing this data with those obtained from other services. For more information on cookies sent through Google Analytics: The user can disable Google Analytics by installing on his browser an additional component provided by Google Inc .:

uses cookies to enable payments to be properly executed. Set cookies when accessing the payment form in order to: develop the transactions and provide the PayPal Services; ascertain the identity of the User, also for creating the account and resetting the password; resolve complaints, collect fees and solve problems; manage risks or identify fraud or other potentially illegal or prohibited activities; as well as violations of the rules or related agreements with users; provide the Customer with customer support services; improve the PayPal Services by customizing the User's experience; calibrate the performance of the PayPal Services and improve its contents and layout; monitor and manage its IT infrastructures; send targeted marketing and advertising communications, provide service updates and promotional offers based on the communication preferences defined in the PayPal account and the User's activities during the use of the PayPal Services; check the solvency, compare the data to establish the accuracy, and check with third parties. Data collected: user behavior, IP address, browser data, device data, location data, operating system, provider, date and time, name and surname, credit card number and / or current account; email address. Place of data processing: USA. For more information on the use and the purposes of cookies by PayPal it is recommended to view the information at the following web address: Disabling PayPal's cookies can make it impossible to process payments and therefore to provide services. Consent for the use of cookies
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Google Chrome:
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